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My summer trip to Ukraine – Prolog: Przemyśl, Poland

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I have received quite some puzzled looks when I told my friends that I will go to Ukraine for vacation: “Why?” – “Again?”. But before I crossed the border to Ukraine I used the opportunity to see beautiful Przemyśl.

Daytrips around Wroclaw: swimming fun in Jelcz-Laskowice

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If you happen to stay a bit longer in Wroclaw, Poland and don’t know what to do with the hot weather, here is a proposal: sunbathing and swimming in the lake in Jelcz-Laskowice.

Daytrips around Wroclaw: Sobótka and hiking on Mount Ślęża

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The weather was good last weekend so I decided to go with a friend on a hiking daytrip on Mount Ślęża about 35 km southwest of Wroclaw, Poland. Here is how it went.

Street Art: The owls of Wroclaw, Poland

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Wroclaw gets more and more famous for its little dwarfs which are scattered all around the city and became a tourist attraction. But did you know that there is another common sight in the city?

Seaside cities: short history of Gdańsk, Poland

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  I love to live in Wroclaw, but if there would be another city in Poland to choose it would likely be Gdańsk. This city which lies at the bay of the same name is a hanseatic gem.

How to plan your trip: US travel documents and driver’s licenses

If you never or rarely traveled to other countries before, seeing all those travel advice from official sources might seem discouraging. Luckily your US passport is among the strongest in the world, and your US driver’s license is often also sufficient for driving legally during your holiday stay.

Why you shouldn’t call Eastern Europe “Eastern Europe”

Reading other travel blogs and talking with friends from the UK and Germany I often realize that people have an outdated view on Eastern Europe and where it is located. 

All direct flight connections from the US to Europe 2016!

I have sifted through all the flight plans of the international airports in the US and listed their connections with Europe – airport by airport. You will be surprised about the choice you have!

25 walkable seaside cities in Europe

Summertime is beach time. And Europe boasts various coastlines at various seas. But if you are looking for something more than just getting tanned on the sand or getting the salty wind in your face, there are many European towns and cities which offer other activities, all in walking