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My summer trip to Ukraine – Part 3: Zatoka and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi

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It was time for the main part of my Ukraine Trip: Beach holidays at the Black Sea in Zatoka, 60 km (37 miles) southwest of Odessa. Read my experiences and recommendations.   Black Sea, here I come! As I travel in Ukraine by train, I find myself at the

My summer trip to Ukraine – Part 2: Vinnytsia

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After I left Lviv the real challenge started, because in the next cities neither English nor Polish language helped me to get by. Read how I still managed to survive in Vinnytsia.

My summer trip to Ukraine – Part 1: Lviv

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With very limited knowledge of Ukrainian and no Russian I travel to Ukraine. The first stop is Lviv in the northwest. Let the Ukraine adventure begin!

How to plan your trip: US travel documents and driver’s licenses

If you never or rarely traveled to other countries before, seeing all those travel advice from official sources might seem discouraging. Luckily your US passport is among the strongest in the world, and your US driver’s license is often also sufficient for driving legally during your holiday stay.

All direct flight connections from the US to Europe 2016!

I have sifted through all the flight plans of the international airports in the US and listed their connections with Europe – airport by airport. You will be surprised about the choice you have!

25 walkable seaside cities in Europe

Summertime is beach time. And Europe boasts various coastlines at various seas. But if you are looking for something more than just getting tanned on the sand or getting the salty wind in your face, there are many European towns and cities which offer other activities, all in walking