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UrbisPedes is all about walkable cities.

Urbis = latin for “cities”, Pedes = latin for “on foot”. UrbisPedes = Cities on foot.

This blog is still under construction. If you like to explore cities on foot in Europe, please check back later. I plan to present walkable cities in Europe, including cities you have probably never heard of before. So if you are:

  • on an Interrail/EUrail trip in the future, this blog will help you to quickly explore towns and cities which you would miss otherwise. Great for filling waiting times at train stations.
  • an Urbex enthusiast, you will find some hints about urban settings and abandoned buildings which are on no tourist map.
  • tired of tourist traps, you will find info about places to avoid in the city you visit.
  • looking for a different way to find infos about your travel destination, you will find it here.

As said, this blog is still under construction. Bookmark this page and check back later.

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