Street Art: The owls of Wroclaw, Poland

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owl graffiti in Wroclaw

Wroclaw gets more and more famous for its little dwarfs which are scattered all around the city and became a tourist attraction. But did you know that there is another common sight in the city?

I don’t know if you can find these graffiti only in Wroclaw or also in other cities in Poland. But one thing is sure:They are getting fewer and fewer. I assume at around the late 2000’s a group of graffiti sprayers left their marks in Wroclaw. Their trademark: An owl. You can usually find them on walls of unrenovated buildings and in grittier parts outside of the touristic center of the city. However as gradually more and more buildings are being renovated, the owls get painted over. I had the chance to capture some of them before they vanished forever. Still you can find many owls hidden in areas, sidestreets and backyards where no tourist would ever go naturally and I am sure that there are many of these owls yet to be discovered.

The owl you see above was sprayed onto a wall near the restored White Storck Synagogue, but it doesn’t exist anymore (the owl, not the synagogue) as the wall has been renovated recently. Here are a few more pictures I have made of the owls:

Owl Graffiti in Wroclaw 2

This owl is at a row of buildings at Psie Budy Street opposite of the Nowy Horizonty Cinema.


Owl graffiti 3 in Wroclaw

This owl at a building opposite of KFC at the Kazimir Wielkiego Street doesn’t exist anymore as the building has been recently renovated.


Owl Graffiti 4 in Wroclaw

These two owls are still visible on a building opposite of the St. Adalbert Church (in Polish: Kościół pw. św. Wojciecha) near Dominikanski Square.


Owl Graffiiti 5 in Wroclaw

What seems to be a youthful owl was to be found on the walls of an old tenement house at Jednosci Narodowej Street in the district Olbin, north of the old town.


Owl Graffiti 6 in Wroclaw

Located in Stawowa Street, a side street just two blocks away from the main railway station you should still be able to find this owl.


Some of the owl graffiti are signed with an “IDC” tag, obviously the tag of the graffiti sprayers. I don’t know what it stands for and who they are, but I prefer their owls over any random unintelligible writings on the wall. Even though these owls in Wroclaw are far from the quality of Banksy I still consider most of them as street art. I have many more pictures of owls in Wroclaw which I may add to this post or present in separate posts.

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